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Finding the right holster

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Hello All,

This is my first post here as I am new to the site. A few months back I purchased the SAR9 9MM, I am enjoying the heck out of this gun! I have found that when it comes to finding the right holster for this firearm, well has been a bit of a challenge. It fits my Fobus holster that I have for my Taurus PT111 Millennium pro (OWB)
and my Elite survival (IWB) holster
. I have decided to add my QR-Laser that I got a while back, and I have not been able to find an IWB holster that will accommodate the SAR9 9MM. Does anyone have any ideas on a good holster for this firearm?

I have also read that this is very similar to the Glock 17. Would this fit a holster that is made for a Glock 17? I have also read about the RBT17 from Fobus
. Anyone have this holster?

Thank you for any and all help.
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Holsters are like shoes, sometimes you got to try them on the see if they are comfortable.
That's why most of us have a drawer full of them.
I cant agree with you more. the issue is that i am not able to find one that is for the SAR9 that will allow for a rail mounted laser.
Maybe we have been going about this all wrong.
Maybe we should find a holster we like first, then find a gun that fits it.
Good luck finding the holster for your SAR9
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Why do you need a Laser? Iron sights work just fine.Just need more practice.

I had one (laser) on a M/P 9 and the only hostler was an Uncle Mikes and was just bad and not useful.
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You can put a crocodile on your lovely SAR9 and no one would even notice that.
I carry Glock 26 with 31-rd magazine in mine.
Every day.

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