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Sorry, but this is a bit confusing. I cannot find Posts in places I thought I posted them into. Any suggestions?

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Baldy said:
The last time the site was down we lost some post. Sorry it happens once in awhile. Please post more. :D
Yeah, Baldy's right. We also lost some posts the time before that when we were down. The time previous to that, however, I think we recovered everything.

So since the time before last, I make a carbon copy of everything so I can re-post it when we come back up, which we inevitably do. But then I get carpal tunnel syndrome from writing everything again, again.

It's really affecting my shooting quite negatively. Guess I need to learn how to switch hands.

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Where is the logic??

"Barack O’Biden: Nothing says 'change' better than a senior citizen who’s been a senator for 35 years."
*Great Quote!!

The problem I see is right now this Country is in Deep "Stuff" internally, getting worse Daily, and we need someone that can bring us back to the strong Nation and Respected Power that we once were! *But first it must start here at home! We are involved in Countries that don't even want us there, constantly pouring our Tax Dollars into their Oil Rich Economies, not to mention the Thousands of Lives of our Teenage Soldiers, and getting nothing in return! (Except for a larger defecit and full Body Bags!)
I feel with the Oil Crisis the way it is that we should barter for our Services if a Country needs help and can afford to provide us with excess wealth of their own! That way it would eliminate Both of our problems! (IE: Kuwait)
We first must straighten out *THIS Countries problems before we go pouring all our help and Money into others.
Where is there any Logical Thinking?? Iraq would not be hurt if we took control of 10% of their Oil Rescorces in return for all we have given to them. (Their Freedom!) But it might solve our Oil as well as many other related problems here at home!
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