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Well. I have a long awaited repaired rifle (story elsewhere) returning Monday. As luck would have it, I'm taking wife and grandson #2 on vacation out of state. My shootist daughter, son-in-law, and other grandkids are going to house sit to sign for the delivery, and asked to use my target stands to burn some powder:

Well Yeah! I set up 3 stands for their use.
I just love it when I can keep the family, friends and newcomers in the shooting game

So the appointed day came. Being the proud grandpa, I can't resist. My youngest is just over 4 years old. She was apparently the first one awake to go shooting. Very nice public range with no officials.


Closely coached by dad, granddaughter loads and fires the .22 Cricket. My daughter as Acting RO then calls "Show me clear." The bolt rips back, granddaughter shouts "Clear!" Granddaughter then calls cease fire and waits for permission to go down range. I can't wait to go with them!

-jb, proudly displaying shooter Gen 3
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