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I just bought a Falcon Menace rifle scope from and I took it too the range yesterday.

WOW. I shoot a CZ 550 in .308. With their rings and the Falcon 4.5-18x56, my 200 yrd groups were barely under 1". And I was able to do it almost everytime (twice my groups were 1.01"@200 yrds)

I have a custom 700 send. and the CZ is beating it!
The scope adjustments are accurate, the 1/2 mil spacing is 100% correct, and this thing is clear! It was starting to get dark, and looking through the scope, it was brighter that looking with the eye.

The reticle is amazing. I chose the MP20 reticle. Its very thin and did not cover up the target at 500 (range max here).
I would recomend this scope to anyone. the best description is at, and that is who i got mine from.

Anyone wanting an excellent scope for under $400.00 really needs to get one of these. I have $1200.00 scopes and I like these little suckers more than them.
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