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Facts About Guns

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Facts About Guns

The sad truth is that the overwhelming majority of the “facts” used to argue for more gun control laws are almost always untrue. And if not completely untrue, they’re frequently twisted to the point where they’re no longer accurate or are egregiously misleading.

In an attempt to comb through the massive body of work that TTAG has done on the topic and tease out some of the more relevant articles to correct the most common misconceptions about guns, I have tried to make this page a simple and usable reference tool to quickly and easily look up relevant information. Think of it as a vast repository of the truth about guns.


(Used info from JANES STATISTICS and TTAG reports)

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My easy to remember fact about guns is, it is better to have one, than to not have one. :machinegun:
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Nice list of articles. Thanks for putting it together.
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