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Here's how it's done for TV viewers.

Putting a yellow line across a field seems fairly easy. But in this case, it
is very complex. It requires a bevy of equipment, including eight computers.
It also requires at least four people to accomplish the task.

First, there is a special camera mount for each camera recording a game. The
mount tracks all of the camera's movement. For example, it records zoom,
tilt and pan. That way, the computers can understand what the cameras are

The system can update a camera's movements 30 times per second. So it is
able to position the line correctly based on the camera's perspective.

Next, there's a computerized three-dimensional model of the field. The
computers know where the cameras are located in relation to the field. This
helps them orient the first-down line.

Of course, players and other objects can cross the virtual line. So the
system has to be able to sense this. That way, the first-down line does not
get placed over players or the ball.

There are actually two color palettes that help with this. One includes the
colors that should be changed to yellow-for example, the green of the field.

The other palette includes colors that should not be changed to yellow. This
includes the player's uniforms. That way, the line appears to be on the
field and can be obscured by the players.

Once the system determines what parts of the field should be painted yellow,
the data is sent with the raw video to a computer. The computer then draws
the line.
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My oldest son is a computer geek, he feels their pain. His company maintains the Gubernent Google Earth system that positions every military defense department location by state, by vendor, by type of hardware/software they contribute. He had to work 24/7 to upddate for the Kalifornia fires. Contracts had to be shifted cause plants out west were closed.
At least this is not outsourced to a company with an owner named Patel. (At last count 50% of the Patels were here in the US operating motels, convenience stores and liquor stores)

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Good info, thanks! Bill T.

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And this down to the first is yellow, considering?

Which cowardly would make it yes ??


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Now that they have put the yellow (and blue) lines on the field, I can't imagine watching football without them. Maybe they'll charge us for this feature in the future. --Shenine--
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