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Luckfully I have yet to have to do this. "Knock on wood". I have seen a gun pulled on somebody else and the guy pulled out his gun and the guy ran off. I was pretty shookin up, but didn't get out of my car just kept driving. :eek:

More than once- I'll give just a sampling:

1985 in Macon, GA. # 1 son getting his diving license. Since he was 15 had to drive him to classes. The class prior to the "real dive" was held in the olympic pool at the Macon Health Club. We were waiting in the parking lot for the class to finish. Note: This facility is in downtown Macon, pop +/- 150,000 at the time, we were 6 blocks from the main police station.
I was in drivers seat, my 9mm in open holster in space between bucket seat and console. My wife was in shotgun seat. (wearing large shatterproof glasses popular in the day), her sister in back seat behind wife) It was a beautiful night, all four windows down and sunroof open. All of a sudden a dude comes up from the right side blind to me and sticks his face in the r/f window, an "afro" comb with handle sharpened to my wife's throat. He said "I've got to have some money." In one motion the 9mm was in my right hand and swung over almost in the dude's face. I said "dude, the last sound you'll ever hear is your brains going outta the back of your head." He did a quick 180 and ran like hell. I was still shaking and remarked that I was glad I didn't have to shoot because of the hearing damage it would done to my wife. Her sister said that wasn't a problem, she had a good side head shot. She too had raised her S&W 38 snubbie and had it pointed to the side of his head.

1994: I was doing an insurance fire investigation in a remote rural neighborhood. Finished up about 5 pm and started the 70 mile drive home. Noticed a red car following at a distance until I got to the next town. Called my wife on the cell, she asked me to stop at grocery store for milk and bread. After my stop was driving speed limit down rural highwas about 25 miles from home. In rear view mirror saw huge grill of Dodge Ram, very close to my bumper. I opened the console and got 9mm ready in right hand. All of a sudden Dodge pulled up to my left side, driver with an evil grin starting forcing my Jeep Cherokee off of the road. I swung the 9mm up and over, his eyes got big and he took off like a bat on fire. His license plate was bent down so I couldn't ID him. My Jeep was not geared for speed so I didn't attempt tp pursue him. Reported event to GA State Patrol, since no ID they couldn't do anything.

I spent my career in insurance as fire, theft and arson fraud investigator. For a number of years I was part time special deputy to a large metro department as a non POST certified, doing crime scene investigations. I've had a CC since I was 21 and carried since I started the investigator job at 25. I've had to display my weapon an estimated 25 times during my 39 year career, (I'm semi retired and only do contract 1099 jobs for various companies and attorneys now) I've never had to fire my handgun- hope I never have to- but know that I could if it came to a my life or his situation. Just showing my weapon has always caused the perp to turn and run.

My #2 son is a Special Agent, Air Force OSI, he tells me that when the time comes you don't think about it, pulling the trigger is an automatic kind of thing. Better him than me. I don't know how many perps he's shot- he doesn't talk about it.
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