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Employee shoots an kills armed cell phone store

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I saw that last night. Lefty. Guess he wanted to make sure the guy was dead.
What did the BG throw on the counter?
What did the BG throw on the counter?
last will and testament
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Throw something at the guy you're robbing, draw your gun, and turn your back. Darwin?
What did the BG throw on the counter?
I think it was a bag for his loot.
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That ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done. A little bit of overkill (pun intended) but effective none the less.
I have 2 customer right in that general area. Not a great place but not absolutely terrible either. Its changes rapidly in a few short block.

google streetview:!8m2!3d39.9172159!4d-75.2374326

the store is right next to Day Light eatery
Who says crime doesnt pay? Looks like he got 9, then 9 more and another 9 followed by a 9. All those 9's have to add up!
Looks like he was bleeding a little from the head. That's was probably the first ****.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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