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I was fortunate enough to have harvested a deer mid week. Finished butchering yesterday, pulled carrots from my garden tonight, sliced up some potatoes and cooked up a slice of fresh back strap wrapped in bacon.

Feeling very blessed, thankful for this life and for the other hunters around. The deer hunters prayer for everyone still getting after it.

“Dear lord, to you I pray,
As I set off into the woods this day,
Bless my life and help me to be successful,
Look over me and always be blissful.

Heavenly Father, Grant me the wisdom to overcome all obstacles,
And protect me from those things which I have no control of,
May harvesting a deer be quick and true,
With respect for the animal, with guidance by you,

Keep close lord as I hunt today,
And look over me to keep me safe,
There is no greater god than you,
This hunting season is the proof.”

- AMEN -
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