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Deal and no deal at local pawn

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Took the AR to the pawn shop yesterday. They gave me $430 for it. Pretty good, since I paid $350 for the kit, $50 for the lower receiver. But I had some upgrades on it, 4 30 rnd mags and 1 2- rnd, and the case. But from a pawn shop, I thought it was pretty good. I went back today to try to work a trade, my Kahr CM40 for a Kahr P380 they have. The 380 is priced at $324, which is really cheap for that gun. But he only wanted to give me $150 for my 40, so I left. I think the girl that bought my AR yesterday screwed up, they have brand new AR's for $400. The guy I dealt with today is THE gun guy, he wasn't there yesterday. Now I have 940 rounds for an AR, I'll put them on Armslist and ask $150. The AR was fun, but it was just sitting in the safe doing nothing.
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I felt the same way when I was offered $150 for my LNIB PMR-30 Typhon Kryptec factory cerakoated with three magazines, custom Kydex OWB holster and dual pouch, American Speedloaders' Nest.
Similar offers for LNIB RDB-17, 6920LE and gen. 2 Sub-2000...

Nope, thank you!

Moreover, after serious consideration I even removed all of those from Armslist as well.
Like many others, I will keep them.
I posted the ammo this morning, had 2 replies in 10 minutes, more later. Just met the guy at Home Depot. I should have asked more. Oh well. Paying bills......
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Glad you finally got rid of it. I know you have been talking about it for a while
Glad you didn't get hosed.
All things considered, I did ok. Nothing near what I had invested, but that's the way it goes.
I don't deal with pawn shops. They're crooks. They're nothing more than legalized fences. They are why burglary and robbery is profitable.
They aren't crooks; you either agree to their terms or you don't and walk out. If you want to label folks as crooks, look at banks where they charge 25% interest on loans but only pay .025% on your savings. Used to be a LOT closer to one another years ago.
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i have only shot one 40 caliber kahr and that was years was called a covert 40. A feller was having trouble hitting with it. I tried it....functioned well and shot ok......just not my cup of tea.

i think a 380 would be much more pleasant......
I got pretty good with it at 15-20 ft. Nasty though, two mags and my wrist gets spastic. I'd love to have that .380, just not happening now. I'm on a role getting some bills paid, come January I'll be in better shape.
Eh the dreaded Pawn Shop I have done a tid bit of research on pricing there They Pawn Shops claim they pay 65% of the value it is more like 10% if the seller is lucky.. Now I have had one (Pawn Shop) suggest I allow them to post it on Gun Broker well they (Pawn Shop) "SAID" only 20% of sell value will be kept plus I`d pay for shipping. When I asked why shipping is charged at both Ends? I got a run around of me accusing them of dishonest practices. I asked please bear with me Why am I charged shipping as the Buyer on Gun Broker I pay the amount I am to pay PLUS a shipping fee. Why does the seller need to pay? About that time a few heads snapped up at the counter and I was escorted Out. Pawn Shops are RIP OFF Artist Occasionally a good deal can be found but Eh Big Box and Pawn Shops basically Triple charge out and Any weapon Worth up to $500 If I can get $100 out of the shop I am doing good. $600+ if $150 is offered I am Lucky. Pawn Shops USED to be reputable dealers those days collapsed in the 90`s. Glad you got a fair offer
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I am not a wheeler dealer. I don't negotiate. I've always lost on everything I've sold. When I go to a pawn shop, I act like I'm in a retail store. That's the price? Ok, here. I was happy with the offer, I guess I could have gotten a little more if I wanted to play the game, but I don't play. They knew I was a sucker when I didn't argue. A couple days later, I called about the P380. I talked to Queen of the Pawn Shop, she said it was still there, I said $334 right (that was on the tag I thought), she said yes. I went right up there ready to pay $334++. One of the guys, maybe her hubby, I don't know, helped me. When we got back to the counter, I said $334? It was actually $324, I said that's better, and he says "I quoted you $275", I just looked at him, I knew he was helping me out. The Queen yelled out from the back $334! HE yelled back "I quoted him $275". Maybe he felt sorry for me because I'm a sucker. But I'm not a wheeler dealer. When I sell something, it is to a wheeler dealer, and I get screwed. But, they aren't all bad. Maybe he only gave $150 for it, or less, which make me wonder what's wrong with it. This is one of those, it's either good, or it's real bad. Most reviews are real good, but there are bad ones. I'll get it to the range in a couple weeks.
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