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'Dangerous' heat wave to scorch central, eastern US this week

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We have a heat wave from May through October, every year, it doesn't make the news though.
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Yeah we have it a heat advisory too. I was out early for some trigger time today.
It was only 91 today and that’s not news worthy. I do have some painting to do out in the sun so I’m not sure I’ll get to it right away. My central A/C unit in the attic is dumping water out of the emergency tray so I’ll have to deal with it soon but it’s in the attic and the A/C is working fine so it can wait too. Too hot to be doing much in the sun but somethings have to be addressed.
When I did my roof a few weeks ago, it was 93ish with 103ish heat index. It sucked, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Two hours on the roof in that heat, I drank about a gallon of kool aid the rest of the day and night, and didn't even have to get up to piss through the night. Now when it rains, I just say bring it. Big relief getting that done.
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Finally got the dog out for an evening walk at 8:00 this evening and it was only 86 outside.
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