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I took it out today and shot 25 rds (five groups of five) at 100 yds.

Used PPU 123gr FMJ brass-cased ammo

Rifle has 19" barrel with 1:9.5 twist and I have a 6-24 power scope on it


  • The cold barrel group in the center was the worst
  • The next two groups at bottom were shot using the 'set trigger' (.75lb pull)
  • The top two groups (shot last) were shot using the traditional trigger (which is quite good at 3lb) I either settled down a bit or the gun prefers a warm barrel

Next trip I'll try a few groups of steel case Tulammo / Wolf etc. in addition to the brass cased PPU

The decellerator pad is awesome... I could shoot this all day... Recoil was nominal

Everyone should have a CZ 527 in their collection!

Note the oversized bolt handle I purchased and installed
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