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It's absolutely amazing how some things that are so irrelevant one week, month or year can become SO relevant in the wink of an eye.

Those who know me know that we've been looking for the 'perfect' name for a new/big motion picture studio.

You'd THINK it'd be an easy 'slam bang, thank you Ma'am' kind of thing. NOT so, because of these
'Cybersquatters' - looks like someone else on another forum is having the same problem!

... I'd like to line them up against a wall .... .

A cybersquatter registers a domain of a more or less well know business for himself, hoping to cash in big when that company wants their own brand name as domain name. Trademark law has been changed against this internet waylaying, and cybersquatters increasingly lose their domain baits against trademark owners.

But what those stinking parasites ("We need no stinking cybersquatters!") still do is registering a great variety of domain names which are NOT brand names, and get away with it, because no deep-pocketed corporation come after them.

Many of the taken domain names are not in use - or you have the same looking fake website "parked" there without any content, just advertising links (usually parked for free from the likes of Godaddy).

Inhumanity always had the dream to sell hot air.

With this internet domain trade, it has become true.

There are ways around this, and it's not too difficult.

Paying for a domain name is a no-no for any self-respecting person.

A good thing would be to air condition those parasite hot air deals by making the sale of a domain name for more than the usual registry fee illegal.

Harley Dude
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I remember when the scumbag telemarketers were doing it with phone numbers also. Usually with a sexual twist!

I agree the registration fee should be the max they collect or their cost of maintenance.

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I think that anyone who uses greed to prey on anyone else should just have their throats slashed.
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