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Hi! I am Bri a member of team mutiny. We specialize in small quantity orders of custom patches. We invented our patch, it's called a vinyl patch. It's made out of PVC but not molded into 3D shapes so we call them vinyl to avoid confusion.

While they aren't 3D our process allows for unlimited color, detail, no minimum order and contour cut shapes. Buy one patch for $7! You simply upload a photo and check out on our website. No special file type and no hidden setup fee. We were founded by a competitive shooter team (Team Mutiny) for gun enthusiasts. All patches are made by us in the USA but we ship world-wide. You can order custom patches here.

hand patches.png

We have price breaks for different quantities as follows:

1-3 ..... $7 each

4-9 ..... $5.5 each

10-19.. $5 each

20-24.. $4.5 each

25-39.. $4 each

34-49.. $3.75 each

50-74.. $3.5 each

75-99.. $3.25 each

200+... $2.5 each

If you have an idea for a patch we do graphic design for free! We can also clean up designs, like alter color, shape, etc, for free. Just email me at [email protected] and I'll get right back to you with your design.

We also make tactical shirts in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns. These start at $11.50 each and have two 2"x4" soft velcro panels on the sleeves for patch decoration. These are basically the cheapest way to make custom shirts - and the patches are interchangeable so you can change your shirt to different designs for different events. We also make these in the form of zip up tactical hoodies.


Finally we offer tactical hats with a 2"x3" soft panel on the front of the hat for patches and a 1"x5" strip on the back for name tapes.


Feel free to ask me questions here or go to our website to live chat with me 9am - 5pm every day (actually I am usually on 9am-9pm). Also we are looking for youtubers, podcasts, etc to sponsor. If you'd like to apply email me at [email protected]. For more information on the Mutiny Shop sponsorship program click here.
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