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Cover your eyes with good shooting glasses

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This happened sometime ago It's a good reason why to wear shooting glasses. Winchester brass. Clarity for some . Factory reload , reputable company, 9mm 147 gr, glock 43, they took all the ammo and gave me new plus extra. The only issues they had were with Winchester brass . Point is still cover your eyes with good shooting glasses.

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I will never shoot without eyes AND ears
Sound advice.
Yoikes!! You never expect to see things like that!
Yoikes!! You never expect to see things like that!
To some degree, you are right, this is not what you expect. But, when shooting any firearm, you have to remember that everything man makes is subject to human error...everything! Thus the use of protection for eyes and ears is practical and should be considered standard gear when shooting.
Eyes/Ears a Must.... Now when I get a gun for carry 5 Rounds a must no eyes/ears Why? I do not for see me putting them on in the heat of the moment. The worst one .22 Magnum North American Arms will drop you to your knees.
Why is it that there seems to be brass problems with Glocks? I’ve seen Glock fired brass with bulges at the rim before. I don’t have a Glock so I have no experience with them. Is the case not supported by the chamber during firing?
It is not.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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