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Thought I would share . I started by making a concealment American flag for my dad for Christmas and now can't make them fast enough for my friends and friends of friends lol. Much better appearance for decor and the woman seem to not mind them hanging on their walls lol. I am posting a few pictures. All of the flags come with foam when I took the pictures I didnt have foam in some of them. I have 2 sizes one that holds a pistol with 1 compartments and 1 that has three compartments up to 36" wide to house an AR15 or tactical shotgun. This isnt intended to be a solicitation I am more looking for suggestions designs so please let me know!

Flag Flag of the united states Flag Day (USA) Independence day Veterans day
Wood Wall Flag Line Font
Flag Pattern Design Sign Brick
Wall Wood Brown Font Design
Flag Flag of the united states Textile Art Linens
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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