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Hello mates

I've heard a lot of different things concerning obtaining a CCW while active duty. I am a Marine in North Carolina and need to get my CCW. I have been told Florida will do a non resident one and its as easy as sending in a photo of your military ID and the Form.
Does anyone know if this fact holds water or have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Information
Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents Only
NC honors most other states CCW
North Carolina Does Not Honor Permits from these States:
Vermont, American Samoa, District of Columbia, N. Mariana Islands

Concealed Handguns Reciprocity
Effective December 1, 2011, North Carolina automatically recognizes concealed carry permits issued in any other state.

Out-of-state permit holders should familiarize themselves with North Carolina’s laws.

So if you have one from your home state you should be good to go?
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