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Conceal Carry Caliber Question

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I am shopping for a conceal carry pistol and am looking at the S&W M&P in both 9mm and 40 caliber and understand the reasons a number of folks are recommending 9mm over 40 these days.

For example:
  1. Easier to stay on target
  2. Ammo cost

I'm leaning towards to .40 since I already own a Glock 23 and ammo, and would like not to have to purchase different caliber ammo.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.
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I like both calibers, but I do not think that highly of M&P and pretty much dislike Glock. In my opinion, 9mm is much easier to stay proficient with because it is easier on the shooter (recoil) and easier on the finances. But if you are already proficient with .40 S&W, there is little necessity to change calibers. As you said, you already have a gun in .40, so it is simpler to have only one caliber for both guns. The question is, are you willing to spend the money to maintain proficiency; to shoot the gun often enough to not be a hazard to yourself and to others when you carry? I mostly carry with 9mm these days, for the simple reason that it is easily concealed all year long, whether hot or cold. Yes I can do the same with the .40, but it is a little more bulky. Neither of my daily carry guns are single stack, although I have a 1911 in .45 that is concealable if I wish to carry the extra weight, which I seldom would consider.
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The “magic” of “famous” .40 has being recently discarded, since FBI & Co switched back to 9x19.
My EDC is G26 with 31-rd magazine plus 1 in the chamber. No kidding!
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Keep your G23 and buy G19 or G26 with bunch of happy sticks as you will not be able to do this soon. Yeah, the new AWB is coming. Don’t trust me - ask Colt.

P.S.: M&P trigger sucks!
Moreover, I never saw Military and rarely saw Police carrying S&W “Military-and-Police” pistols.
Among 17,985 US Police agencies, only these 12 choose M&P as a duty weapon.
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I like my Ruger SR40 out of all my 40's the best. It has a great trigger and is very accurate for me. Out of my 9's i like my Canik it's one of the best shooting 9mm's i ever fired. It's better than my 1911 and my Ruger SR9.
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P.S.: M&P trigger sucks!
Owning several M&P pistols I can't say I agree. But we're all entitled to our opinions.
I'll concede they aren't 1911 triggers (unless you put an Apex trigger, Then the M&P blows most other striker fired pistols out of the water) but they don't suck.
M&P's are fine pistols. The M&P 2.0 9mm Compact is a great gun. Nice to shoot and accurate.

As far as caliber. Thats a choice the shooter has to make. The caliber war has been raging for years.
I dont own a ,40 cal gun. I have 9mm & ,45acp but thats just me. I dont care for the velocity of the .40.
Living in a tiny house. I want a fat, slow round. Hence the .45 being my choice.
Your milage may vary...
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My opinion ? You're a troll.

9mm is "better" , but you're going to go with 40, anyway.

Oh, and you just happen to be doing it with a glock. Puh-leeeze.
test drive is the best advice i can give........

my first experience with a sub-compact 40 was a KAHR......hated it and it rattled my teeth.

then i tried a Glock 27........amazing little gun and to me a soft shooter....

you just never know until you try one out........

can not speak for 40 cal experiences with the MP......i tried one out in 9mm and just plain did not like the weapon and the trigger......but that is a personal likes/dislikes issue for me......
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Self defence is shooting at close distance. Keep it simple! Where ever I go my Col Detective Special goes with me. It realy saved my life. Its a dependant realiable tool and almost invisible to carry. A serpent in the hand of the well trained!! Take my advice. Colt Detective: -Only God and the sea are stronger then me-

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Have a good cigar and regards
As-salāmu ʿalaykum
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The “magic” of “famous” .40 has being recently discarded, since FBI & Co switched back to 9x19
You're right - it was discarded. Not proven wrong, not overturned; the FBI took the knowledge and experience they gained in Miami and simply threw it away and went back to 9mm.
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Here we go both calibers in Glocks.
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thank you all for your input!
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