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I bought the above holster for my new H&K VP9.
i should have realized that the Kydex that holds the pistol would collapse when your belt was tight enough to hold the pistol in place and therefore you cannot re holster the pistol as advertised. In my case to get the Kydex to relax enough I have to undo my belt.
I tried to leave a review on Amazon about the product and found it interesting that there are no reviews posted or allowed.
So I went to the company website directly and they will not allow you to leave a review of their product either unless you are a purchaser. How would they know.
I suspect they don't want any reviews.
Oh well, I will return in and find a maker that reinforces there IWBs so you can put the pistol back if required.
Any recommendations?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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