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Colin Kapernick says he is ready to paly in the NFL

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He just released a video of him working out. says he is ready
works out 5am 5 days a week.
Also commented on what he has done in his "spare time"

In his time away from the NFL, Kaepernick has been involved in a number of social activism organizations and founded the “Know Your Rights Camp,” which teaches young children about self-empowerment, American history and legal rights.

Yea I want this guy teaching young children about American History! LOL.

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Here is some history.


She was a Quaker (she didn't own slaves).

She married a man her family disapproved of. So they disowned her.

She learned a trade. Upholstery.

She and her husband opened a store.

Then war broke out and her husband left to fight for the colonies. He died in battle.

She kept the store running by making regimental flags for the war effort. She married again.

This time to a man who was fighting the British by sea. He also died.

She kept sewing and running the store. Her home was taken over by the British when they occupied Philadelphia.

She was a patriot.

She lost two husbands to the war and at that time in history, she learned a trade and was able to take care of herself and her children.

So that flag represents the birth of our country and in the case of Ross, early feminism!!

She's a female icon!!

This flag has nothing to do with slavery.

Nike made the wrong move. Again.

And Kaepernick is still an ignorant *******.

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He's also a skinny piece of "toast" as an NFL prospect. His radical "squeeze", nor fellow-travelers, evidently didn't tell him that time and fame are fleeting.

"Colin. Madame Sadie says her cards reveal a reality show as employment, in your future."
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He had been demoted to second string quarterback and, reportedly, slated to be cut when he 'discovered his new career'. After his release from the 49ers he was offered one NFL job, as a backup quarterback. He turned it down.

He wasn't good enough (except in his mind) then. What makes him think he can make it now? Oh yeah, his ego.
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When no one signs him, he will use that to make more news.
Why does Nike listen to him? Who the hell is he and who looks up to him for what’s raciest or socially correct?
So, like he took a voluntary break? And now he's ready to bless the world with his presence? Can't wait to see teams flocking to his door wanting to sign him....I'm not waiting too long.
He could always be a comedian, he's getting kind of funny.
So what happened, did the NFL boot him out?
So what happened, did the NFL boot him out?
Nope. He wasn't/isn't good enough to make a team.
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