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Ultimate Brass Catcher (made in Iowa!)

The brass catcher was designed for the semi-auto pistol shooter. Spent brass can be funneled into a box on the shooting bench or collected in the bag with the drawstring.

Made from heavy polyester mesh, the bag will stand up to muzzle blast and hot brass for many years. The bag is attached with velcro strips for easy removal should replacement ever be necessary. The ¼ inch mesh holes make the catcher legal for bullseye competition.

The upper frame has a large 15” x 12” opening, and is made entirely of stainless steel to withstand muzzle blast. The standard stem height is quickly adjusted from 16 to 30 inches, measured to the bottom of the opening. The upper frame can be tilted to optimize the catcher for each gun's ejection characteristics. A heavy steel base with rubber feet keeps the catcher stable. The base unscrews and the frame folds up for compact storage.

plus $12 shipping USPS parcel select (it’s heavy… the base is heavy so it doesn’t tip over in the wind)

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