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i am soon to be purchasing a m-16 type weapon and have done a little research but the list seems endless.i owned an sks at one point but got bored with it and traded it for a handgun. so i have almost no exp. in what to look for. i understand that everyone will have a differing opinion so i'll try to narrow my needs a bit. i know i want a .308 or even the .338 lapaua.i like large ,fast projectiles. will be mainly for self defence(if obama husssein is elected) but also for long range sport shooting.ammo cost almost non-issue as i will load my own.dont really understand all the bells and whistles.what is nessesary and what is for show? who the best makers? never going to be dipped in sand or mud ,water etc.. so reliability is paramont but not for guerilla warfare.cost almost a non-issue assuming that $1500-$2000 will do me need not be fancy my weapons are for use, not show or bragging.recoil also non factor (kinda a junkie)crisp trigger, good sights, (possibly a scope)barrel length? weight doesnt matter as i wont be humping it for miles.thats about all i can think of. any solutions/answers?thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time.
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