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If I knew how to post pictures I would, but anyway, I just finished putting together a really classy, simple, elegant rifle.

I inhertied a Model 700 ADL a few years ago, I have finally "finished" it. It's a 7mmRemMag, Leupold Vari X-2 scope, Leupold dual dovetail rings and a Turner miltiary sling.

I've had a lot of really nice rifles in my life, but this one is really nice.

I'm not a gun snob by any means, but I must say that everyone needs at least one quality rifle and scope set up.

I had a Burris scope on it with the aluminum blocks and Weaver rings. I could shoot 1 1/2 groups with factory ammo, I really think I'm going to get that down below 1 inch.

Another good example of a "useful rifle." Very nice!

I am currently batting around the idea of getting a Steyr ProHunter when I come home, probably in .308 but possibly .30-06. I'll throw on a low-power Leupold variable, most like something in 1.5-5X range. A Galco sling and maybe a buttcuff will round it out.

I was intent on getting a Steyr Scout, but I am now reconsidering whether I truly need a "one rifle" solution to all my hunting needs. I may instead end up with the above rifle plus a Marlin lever gun for the smaller/closer stuff (mainly javelina in AZ and deer on the family land in the Ozarks).
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