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Ok, so I have shifted my focus back to revolvers for the time being. Single action revolvers. I was on a double action kick for a bit before jumping into 1911s. This purchase was more than I was looking to spend today but they had both the 10mm and the 44 magnum in 8”. I’ve been looking for both for a while. I always thought those blued octagonal barrels would look sweet with my Henry collection. I bought one of each, $1243 for the set. In my opinion, SA is the way to go with auto cartridges like 10mm.
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Photo from the On Target Magazine article on the 44 mag.

1860 Army grip frame and 1851 Navy style octagonal barrel on an 1873 frame. Modern adjustable sights and retractable hammer mounted firing pin. Seems like the best features of each rolled into one. It’s an interesting beast I’ve wanted to play with for a while.
Very Pretty, I hope it is a Uberti or D. Pedersoli Cimarron. Either one is a top of the line gun maker.
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