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I've been carrying my Sig 365 for some time now and I thought that it was kind of difficult especially when I also carried the spare mag holder (I almost exclusively carry appendix). I will be without my 365 for a couple weeks while its getting worked on so I wanted to try and carry my 320 with a flashlight. There are holsters made for concealing a 320 with a flashlight, but not for the flashlight I use and I didn't want to spend $100 on a holster if it ended up being to difficult to be feasible. Luckily I have access to 3D modeling software and several printers so I designed and printed one off for free.

I have attached a picture of the 320 in the holster and a side by side of my pistols, showing the rather large size difference.

After a week of only carrying my 320 to test feasibility and see if the holster actually worked, which it did, I went back to the 365.

.......I will never complain about the size of the 365 ever again. Going to the 320 was difficult but after getting used to it for a week and then going back to the 365, the 365 feels like nothing. Today I carried it and the extra mag holder and it was perfectly comfortable after appendix carrying such a large gun. It is entirely doable and I know people do it all the time but for me the 365 is shockingly more comfortable when switching from one to the other.


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