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Just received this e-mail from my former association.

NRA is fighting for its very survival. It has been forced to cut staff and salaries, curtail many of its operations, and cut off funding for most pro-2A lawsuits and programs in California.

So CRPA is stepping up. Help us get the job done.

You saw the news: Gun owner-hating Attorneys General Letitia James (New York) and Karl Racine (District of Columbia) have attacked the NRA with lawsuits trying to put the NRA out of business and remove NRA’s influence and advocacy from the political playing field.

CRPA condemns the obvious political timing of this effort to silence the NRA just ahead of the crucial November elections. All of us at CRPA are praying for the NRA’s employees, members, mission, and success in lawsuits against New York and others.

For decades, CRPA and NRA have worked together through critical pro-2A litigation and programs in California. But NRA is now faced with the high costs of these and many other corporate lawsuits, coronavirus restrictions on operations and fundraising, and other big challenges.

These California Second Amendment lawsuits and pro-gun owner programs are critical to holding onto and taking back our freedoms in California. So CRPA has stepped up by itself to save a dozen Second Amendment lawsuits, as well as multiple California shooting, conservation, and safety programs.

Can you help us keep the fight alive?

We are talking about cases like:

Duncan v. California – our successful challenge to the ban on possession of magazines that can hold over ten rounds. We got a great ruling in this case –”Freedom Week”-- and may go to the Supreme Court.

Rhode v. California – our challenge to Newsom’s Prop 63 law that requires a background check to buy ammo.

Crossroads Gun Shows v. California – our challenge to the bans on gun shows. So far, we’ve won! We scored an injunction in this case, but it’s not over yet.

Kirk v. Morgan Hill – our challenge to this city‘s mandatory locked storage law because it’s preempted by state law.

Flanagan v. California – our Second Amendment challenge to the “may issue” system of prohibiting public carry and not issuing licenses to carry in public.

Gentry v. California – our challenge to excessive DROS fees as a “poll tax” on buying a gun.

Rupp v. California – our challenge to the state law banning possession of certain semi-automatic firearms.

All of these critical programs and cases are on the line. So CRPA needs your help.

CRPA will continue to fight for your rights in California, as it has for 145 years. Our great lawyers give us generous discounts, and we are winning many battles. But we need your help now more than ever.

Can you do something? Perhaps even something big to help CRPA continue our fight?

Thank you,
-- Rick

Rick Travis
Development Director
California Rifle & Pistol Association
>> Secure contribution link

P.S. I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the NRA right now. NRA is in the process of shoring up its operations, and CRPA wishes the NRA success so that NRA can continue to help us fight for the right to choose to own a gun and not remain vulnerable to more opportunistic anti-gun-owner political attacks in the future. All of us at CRPA are praying for the NRA’s employees, members, mission, and success in lawsuits against New York and others.

P.P.S. To read CRPA’s Statement of Financial Practices and see the lengths CRPA goes to protect and use contributions frugally, click our contribution link.
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