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Been looking at buying a M1 Garand from CMP.
Got on their email list and they just sent me notification that some rifles are now available in a Special Rack Grade a bit different from their standard Rack Grade.
I have been saving up for one in their Special Grade which goes for $1050.00.
It is completely refurbished, original receiver refinished new barrel, new walnut stock new handguard and a sling . All parts refurbished.
This Special rack Grade which goes for $650.00 has a refinished receiver, new barrel, new stock new handguard and sling. All other parts are not refurbished or refinished and the receiver will have some heavy pitting above the wood line.
$400.00 difference. I have not bought anything from CMP I know it can be somewhat of a crap shoot what you get.
Do you think it is worth the savings or just wait till I have enough for the completely refurbished rifle.
I want a good shooter, not so much interested in a beautiful new out of the box looking rifle.
Any advice from those who have done business with CMP will be appreciated.

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That's a pretty good price. If you think you want a better quality, just save your pennies and get the one you want.

That said, though, I kept telling myself I'd wait until I had the money for one and after over twenty years, I finally got one but paid a lot too much for it. Then, all of a sudden, I got a very good deal on a better one.

The point is, I wish I'd just popped for one all those years ago when the gettin' was good.


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I believe we're getting near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to CMP M1 Garand rifles. I believe all of their remaining stock arrived 'beat to death', needing extensive repairs and rebuild.

The difference between the two rifles you mention are "All parts refurbished" and "All other parts are not refurbished or refinished and the receiver will have some heavy pitting above the wood line". And $400.00.

Unless you care to run down and buy replacement parts as needed and have the ability to fit these parts to your rifle, I recommend spending the extra $400, if for no other reason than peace of mind.
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I’m sure no matter what grade you get, you’ll be very happy with it. I have a “ Blue Sky” M1 and I did the wood myself. It’s beautiful. I will replace the barrel someday but for now it’s perfect. I’ve been looking at a CMP Rack grade myself. Just need some spare cash.

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Probably not all Garands are like this, my first centerfire rifle was my Garand. Needless to say, I wish I knew then what I know now. Barrel turned out to be a real sewer-pipe.
My read on a Garand is if you are going to shoot it seriously, one way or another you'll be looking at a fresh barrel.

I know finding a local gunsmith who's willing to install a new barrel is a real party.
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