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  • Hello guys, I am looking for security style video footage for a project.
    • If you would like to remain anonymous you can cover your face.
    • Can be replica or air gun without orange tip, needs to look real.
    • The video should be of a single person pulling out a rifle or a handgun whilst walking around a room - not more than about 30 feet from the camera.
    • The camera should be between 10-16 feet high angled slightly downward.
    • The video should include holding the weapon with both left and right hand, and holding with both hands.
    • Include many variations in pose - aiming in different directions at each location in the room - and distance from the camera.
    • Rifles should include footage of it strapped on your back.
    • Recording in multiple rooms for different backgrounds is welcome.
    • 10 minutes of footage for each weapon in each location needed.
    • $10 per 10 min video. 30 in total. I'm willing to negotiate though.
    • Footage will be used for 3D modeling simulations.
    • The videos should be taken indoors on private properties where it is safe to do so.
    • Looking for unique weapons, so kindly let me know what you have before recording. I'd want 1 video from each.
    • Payment via Paypal.
    Thanks for reading.

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Is a phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range unique enough?
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If you don't pay royalties, why would anyone give you what you're looking for?

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