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Bullpup vs Standard

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So I recently won a free gun at my range raffle, rattling my head around all the options and guns Ive always wanted. Narrowed it down to rifles and specifically the rifle I would train with and use for a majority of the time to practice/start classes with since I don't have anything other than a mosin and a bog standard AR15 with no frills (no rails, standard handguard).

Now that being said I'm a fan of the bullpup concept and the guns look and feel great to me when I can hold them and give them a look. The balance feels better than a standard rifle and current options like the MDR and X95 all have the rails and the options an AR platform offers that I'd want. The ideas of reload speed and training don't matter to me having not fired any modern rifles or invested into training of any sort so I have a fresh start to learn. Also many can reload them just as quick or quicker than an AR.

The choice comes down to a bullpup vs a nice Daniel Defense like their M4A1 (I tend to have a thing for military use stuff). The only thing that bothers me is I feel like there is some hidden achilles heel to them that I can't see.
Looking at 3-gun guys and spec ops guys to get an idea (I understand I'm not a tier 1 operator merely that they have used stuff heavily and have a choice on what to use) they all use AR's even if their nation uses bullpups like the UK and Israel. Is it just down to everyone uses AR's and they don't want to stick out and be able to be picked out as to what nation they are from? Logistics? Just worried about some thing I can't seem to pin point as to why no one but random civilians or government issue troops use. I've noticed how they all are using short barreled MK18's and then complain about lack of long range capability. Wouldn't the bullpup solve such issues?

Thoughts or opinions all welcome, more of a for fun question but still helps make a decision. Overthinking as I always do with too many options and no wrong answers. Gets me every time.
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What make/model/caliber is the bullpup?

Without knowing the answer, I'd lean heavily towards the Daniel Defense AR.
IWI X95 in 5.56 or Deserttech MDR in 5.56
It's ergs VS looks, IMO. Many folks just like a rifle they are used to, VS the much more practical bullpup.
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I have RDB-17 and I love it.
it is about the same OAL as SBRs but has 17” bbl, so it utilizes most of the 5.56 potency.
I'd go with the IWI X95.
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