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Is it cheaper to build an AR 15, or to buy one already complete?

  • Build your own AR15 by ordering all the parts

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  • Buy an already complete AR15

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My question is simple, is it cheaper to buy an AR 15 already built or to build my own from scratch and order all the parts to it? I am looking at getting into the AR world and don't know a whole lot about them. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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An AR built out of all of the cheapest random parts is manifested in more than a few rifles. I figure some of them just don’t work well. Also companies can totally screw up some rifles too, it just happens. An advantage of buying a complete rifle from a reputable company is that if a problem happens they are usually pretty good about making it right. Some guns just have phantom problems and often a company will just give you a new rifle. If your Frankenstein -Herman- AR has problems fixing them is on your dime, basically you are hosed.

There are people who spend a ton of money buying all sorts of random parts. I regularly see 2K+ AR’s up for sale where the guy spent that much or more on parts. These guys read all kinds of stuff and get their roll pins from one guy, their trigger spring from another, etc. They really do believe they are building great rifles.

In reality they are spending Ferrari money on Fords because they do not have the experience to actually know what matters. These very expensive guns are nowhere near as good as a comparably priced rifle from a specialised AR factory brand.

- If you think its fun to do the building. You think I can learn from the experiance. Have patience and give it some time and want to do some travelling: Start building making extra costs

- If you want open the box, read the manuals, go off to the range and shoot without any worries and with a guarantie for the gun in your pocket: Then buy a factory AR at the lowest price you can find

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