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Current inventory


1,000+) 9mm range pickups, deprimed, wet cleaned w/ss pins, Purty brass $35/1k
4K available for $160 shipped
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Automotive tire Auto part

(1,000+) 9mm range pickups, cleaned $30
Buy all 5,000 for $160 shipped
Foil Aluminium foil Rectangle Metal Plastic

1,000+) 40S&W dry tumbled $40
Gold Font Rectangle Electric blue Metal

If you are short on time for reloading 40S&W, I have 400+ brass cases for sale, all the hard work is done. Half are WIN Head stamps and the rest are mixed.
These have been wet cleaned with SS pins, deprimed/sized, belled perfectly and primed. I used Genex SPP's, they have proven very reliable for my 9mm & 40 S&W loads.
These are ready to load, just add powder, seat the bullets then crimp if so desired.
$65 shipped to your door.
Font Drinkware Handwriting Auto part Metal

2,100+) 45ACP lrg primer $150 shipped


(300+) .308 mixed headstamps cleaned $40
Font Handwriting Electric blue Metal Office equipment

(500) 5.56 range pickups $40
Buy all 3,000 for $250 shipped
Automotive parking light Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Bumper

All cases are inspected, full length resized, cleaned, swaged on Dillon SS 600, trimmed to 1.750” on Giraud tri-way trimmer. They are ready to prime then load. I guarantee my work

If you would like to try out some of my processed LC brass before deciding on getting larger amounts. I made up some bags of 100 LC 5.56 fully processed $25 shipped

(250) LC 5.56 fully processed $75 shipped
4 bags of 250 Or buy 1,000 or $275 shipped