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Both win and lose

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So my son (who works part time at a gun store) recently got me back into shooting. I decided for my first AR, I'd order a kit and have my son build it for me. I had everything sent direct to him (he lives 2 hours away). Well, I went last night to have dinner with him and pick it up, and to my initial horror, it wasn't what I wanted. I ordered a 16" barrel, and they sent a slightly different kit, most significantly with a 10.5" barrel. My son didn't realize it wasn't what I ordered, neither one of us considered they would screw up the order. So instead of a rifle, I've got a pistol.
Now on the positive side, the kit they sent cost $140 more than the kit I payed for.

So I've got no idea what I'm gonna do. I doubt I could sell it, get the correct kit, and come out ahead especially considering time and effort. I guess the alternative is to keep it, and wait a few months until I can see aside enough for another one, and then have a home defense AR pistol and a rifle for shooting like I wanted.

Just as much a rant and thinking aloud as anything. Thoughts anyone?
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Shoot it, you may like it.
Either shoot it or sell the upper and buy the one you want. - they're kinda like LEGOS
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personally, i would call the company and return it.....if possible.....and get what i want.

if not, then consignment sell it thru the shop the boy works at......

you could sink more money into it with the application of a brace to aide in shooting said pistol......
If the initial build on a virgin receiver is a pistol, you can convert it to a rifle and back to a pistol as you wish. Just do not EVER have a buttstock
and the pistol upper on it at the same time.
Welcome to the forum from NJ. I would return the short barrel and get the one you wanted. A short barrel rifle can get you in trouble.
Well, I convinced myself into selling it, maybe making a few bucks, but when I told my son, he says he liked it, says he'll buy the kit I want and trade me. He bought me a Springfield XDS for Christmas, so I owe him, lol.
This is it, BTW.


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Did he assemble it? If not i would try and return/exchange it but if he did assemble it i doubt they will take it back. Oh never mind, i read the rest of it....
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