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Dear members, allow me to introduce myself, My name is Matthias, i'm a collector of different types of things that i find beautifull. I have a vintage postercollection, vintage watchcollection, i have some militaria, and now i found something that's a little bit out of my comfortzone, but it was too beautifull not to buy it. I had to decide real quick, because there where other people interested too; I bought this Blunderbuss gun in really good shape, the man who sold it to me, inherited it from his grandfather, and e from his father,.. it had been in that family for a few generations he said.

The gun is still suposed to work (because they never made it 'legal' here in Belgium). It's in beautifull condition, the wood has almost no damage, the brass has very nice patina to it too. Inside the barrel you can still find traces of powder and the little stick to stuff the gunpowder is also still present. there are some small faded engravings to the end of the grip. It's a very heavy piece. I will keep this piece in my personal collection, because i really like it alot, but I woul love to gain more info on it, is there any way to date it without makersmarks? how rare are these? If I would buy an otherone, where should I watch out for? What can I pay in the future for a piece like this? any idea about it's origin (country?) Any help is mst welcome, thank you all for reading my post.
Greetings, matthias

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