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Blackpowder Shooter!

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The blackpowder rifles are a whole different world of hunting and shooting. The flame and smoke is a joy to behold.

Are you a hunter that hunts during this season or have you fired this type of rifle/handgun in contests?
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I took a spike last year during late muzzle loading season, no luck during early. Wouldn't have had that one if it weren't for some road hunter who drove up the road, turned around and came back down. They stopped, the deer came into my view, they stepped out of their truck with the gun and I took the shot. It took off running and I wasn't sure if I hit it so I loaded it back up, the road hunters got back in the truck and took off in a hurry. :twisted: I walked down the hill a little was the deer was leaning up against a tree about 30 yards away, I took a head shot and he dropped. Best story I have so far.

I took my first deer when I was nine or 10 with a muzzle loader from a tree stand. It's a funny story too, the muzzle loader had two safeties on it, I was so excited that I only took one off, pulled the trigger and all I heard was 'click'. The deer didn't move though. I took the other safety off and he dropped right there. My grandfather said the deer had to be blind and deaf considering how much I was shaking and then the click from the safety :lol:
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That is pretty neat to have had that experience as a young boy! Blackpowder guns are very intimidating to most folks much less children. Good story!
Here is a picture of my Hawkin 50 cal.

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