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Lately I've blah-blahed about the new Blackhawl .45 Colt, and commented about the fugly black plastic/rubber checkered grips. Let's make no mistake. It shot fine and handled recoil well with 255gr HSM softballs. But ... it just looked ... bleah.

I narrowed down to Altamont upon friend's recommendation and another vendor. Other vendor walnut web pics looked very wide at the bottom flair, and Altamont walnut looked almost like zebra wood with wild contrasting figure. I sent inquiries to both. Altamont replied within 24 hours, no reply from the other. Another poster mentioned Altamont's closeout page. Another inquiry to the other vendor, again no reply.

I picked up Altamont's "super walnut" slim panels for a little more than ½ price plus reasonable shipping. Beautiful color, appropriate figure. Oh yeah. Perfect fit :D. Only other thing was delivery ... a day early!

Old saying, "you can have it good, fast, or cheap, pick any two." I scored all 3. No affiliation with them yada yada, just a happy camper with a Blackhawk that is fun, shoots well, and looks sharp.

-jb, good experiences deserve attaboys
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