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If anyone lives in or around the Evansville, Indiana area I would like to invite you to the Bill of Rights Day celebration.

Bill of Rights Day, December 15th, 2007 held at the Old National Bank at 1 Main Street in downtown Evansville, IN. It starts at 9:00 AM Central time in Old National Bank's Atrium room.

It's going to be a spectacular setting for the event. There's a Christmas tree that looks to be about 25 feet tall that will serve as the back drop.

There will be free parking in the bank's parking garage. This event is free. All we need is for people to show up. Did I mention it's FREE?

This is a Bill Of Rights Day event. Some folks don't have a clue what the Bill Of Rights are and I'm afraid the number is growing.

There will be music, speeches and school kids that will recite Patrick Henry's famous oracle. The students who wrote the winning essays will be present to read them. Nationally known speaker and author, Bill Federer will be our guest speaker. Congressman Brad Ellsworth and Indiana Secretary of Treasure, Richard Murdock will also speak. There will be many more performances as well.

Please come and help all those who have put a lot of effort into this make this a success.

Just a few days ago the national news had a lead story that medical studies have concluded that Americans have too much salt in their diet.

After all the know-it-all medical analysts gave their advice, the last statement from the reporter was "what it comes down to is should we have government limit our salt intake?"

Now I know that all the “sheeple” roaming around don't mind one bit having the government tell them how much sugar and salt and fat they should be allowed to eat. In fact, they probably wouldn't mind having some agency dress them and brush their teeth every morning as well.

For those who don't fit in the “sheeple” category, or who would no longer like to be “sheeple,” we invite you to join us on Saturday, December 15th at 9:00 AM at Old National Bank located at 1 Main Street in downtown Evansville, IN...


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Wow! Thats fantastic! Glad to hear about that social event if I was close by I would be there, since I am an ole Indiana boy. Been gone for many years but there are a whole lot "Goodwins" that live in that area that come from branches of my Great Great Grandads family.

Good luck with your event. We should be doing those all over America. That would torque the jaws of the anti-second amendment crowd.

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I'd love to come, but I'm a little far away, (Colorado).

One question, do they allow every body to carry, even though it's in a bank?
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