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Beretta ARX 100

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Hi everyone, is there any other members on the forum that owns a ARX 100, and that made any adjustments on it?
I require some advice. For I have searched the Web and information seems to be limited. Most Intel would be peoples personal thoughts on the rifle.
Can someone tell me out of experience, where to purchase a cheek rise and what is available. Also a folding vertical grip and what brands are available. Is it recommended to install a aftermarket trigger system, and if yes, what would you recommend, Lastly, I'm interested in installing a suppressor, some reads say it is not a good idea, as for a lot of gas gets in the face, others say they find no problems installing a suppressor.
Any thoughts on that gentlemen?
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Looks pretty tricked out already. I’d add an optic of your choice and burn a lot of ammo.
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Most everything on that rifle is proprietary.

Those sights sit too high for use with that stock. Generally, its not a good idea to use a riser on an adjustable and folding stock as it tends to defeat those features. Installing the optic of your choice will solve the problem. Ditch those sights and find some that mount with a lower sighting axis (if you must have BUIS).

Complaints of excessive 'blowback' from a suppressor? They're either holding the weapon incorrectly or they have the wrong suppressor.

I'm told, but have no firsthand experience, the trigger 'breaks in' after 500 +/- rounds and continues to improve thereafter.
Thank you Popeye for the feedback. Do you perhaps know of any aftermarket stock that is available for this rifle. The length is a bit short, I suppose Berreta had smaller blokes in mind when the rifle was designed. Or perhaps someone that carries body armour.
And yes the sights is to high. I'm not to picky on the trigger, it could be better but as you stated, it will break in after 500 or so, thanks for that. I will scope my rifle with something more on the tactical side. And for the suppressor, I will do some homework locally, there as some brilliant manufacturers local. All of this is okay. But my great concern is the stock. I would prefer something that extends about an inch or two further. And for the vertical grip, is it only available at Berreta or do you know of any alternative brands that will suffice.
So far as I know, stocks and foregrips are proprietary.
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