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Beretta A391 3.5 Xtrema

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I own a Beretta Xtrema and noticed that the gray rubber inlays in the stock became sticky and deformed. I contacted Beretta and they advised me to wash with Dawn dish soap. I did this several times and it became worse. I looked it up on the internet and have found that it is a common problem with Beretta stocks. It is referred to as the Beretta sticky stock. I contacted Beretta again and they said they have received several calls regarding this defect and will not rectify their problem. so I'm stuck with a shotgun that is worthless with a defective stock. Browning had a similar problem but replaced their defective stocks. After more research, I have found that Beretta does not stand behind their products. I've talked to several people with the same problem and they were given the same response by Beretta. I just want to let everyone know, buyer beware.

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I feel for you. Those guns aren't cheap. I'd be POed as well.
I'm stuck with a shotgun that is worthless with a defective stock.
I'm stuck with a shotgun that has a defective stock would seem to be a more accurate statement.
I know you want Beretta to make good on it but if they won't I would suggest just buying an after market one.
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Seen similar in PC circles.
Had a pc case that was wonderful to touch when new, Turned to a sticky mess after a number of years.
search term - soft touch rubber
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Just a suggestion.

Go to your local hardware or paint store and pick up a spray can of paint for plastic ..... in whatever color you fancy, and a roll of blue painters tape.

When you are back home, clean the sticky rubber parts with alcohol, tape off the edges of the rubber parts, and cover whatever is left that you don't want painted.

Apply three or four light coats of paint to the rubber parts. Let it thoroughly dry for at least 24 hours. Then remove the tape and other coverings.

If you want a black color, look at Plasti-Dip spray paint.

Again, just a suggestion.
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