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Boy, when I was a teenager - THAT - would have been SO much fun!

The closest we ever got to that in the early 60's were telephone books
- BIG THICK telephone books! We'd count the pages of penetration and

We also used 1/2" plate and 2" 'bullet proof' B-24 windows (small ones) -
that were still left over from W.W.II in crates they were throwing out at the
old Consolidated Aircraft plant in San Diego - that had been changed into
Convair by the early 60's. One of my best friend's dad was a supervisor there
... who had a car with big trunk ... and he'd bring home all kinds of cool things
to shoot at and explode. They live way out on a ranch so we never had problems
with overly curious neighbors.

I never tried gelatin but back on the farm we had an occasional cow expire from illness or lightning strike. A round into the hind quarter, making sure to miss the bone, was an eye opener. This was pre 9mm +P+ days but a standard factory 9mm was no match for a .357 mag. Dirty Harry won hands down- go ahead punk, make my day. The .44 mag went slam through.
Also shot the block from a blown flat 4 out of an 8N Ford. Dirty Harry won that test too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts