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B-17 Crash In Connecticut

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Minutes upon take off the B-17 Nine-O-Nine crashed.

The B-17 crashed at 9:54 a.m. ET as it attempted to return after experiencing a problem in air. That's when it struck a de-icing facility, according to the executive director for the Connecticut Airport Authority.Kevin Dillon, the executive director for the Connecticut Airport Authority, said the plane took off at Bradley International Airport around 9:45 a.m. ET. At 9:50 a.m., the aircraft indicated that it was experiencing a problem.The aircraft was not gaining altitude, he said.The plane tried return to the runway, and upon touchdown, it lost control and hit what’s known as the de-icing facility – tanks that contain de-icing fluid as well as maintenance facility associated with it.Dillon said he expected the airport would reopen at 1:30 p.m.

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Thirteen people on board and one on the ground were injured. From what I'm hearing five to six people have perished in this crash.
I seen this earlier and from looking at the wreckage it's amazing anyone survived. Not to make light of the lives lost but also lost is a great piece of history. I think there is only a handful of these planes left that are operational.
In the mid-1930's, my uncle worked for Douglas Aircraft in California on the XB-19. The XB-19 was a little known (secret) super-fortress between the B-17 and the B-29. Although it never made it into production, is was quite the aircraft. My grandmother kept a picture of it on her grand piano.

BTW: I was born in 1936 when my uncle was working on this aircraft.
Seven people r now said to have perished with seven injured

> The plane took off at 9:45 a.m. ET. About five minutes later, the crew reported an issue with the plane and asked to return, NTSB member Jennifer Homendy told reporters Wednesday evening.
"N93012 would like to return to the field," one pilot told air traffic control, according to audio recorded by the website
"What is the reason for coming back?" the controller asked. "You got No. 4 engine. We'd like to return, and blow it out," another pilot in the aircraft said.
A pilot said he needed to land immediately, and the control tower diverted other jets that were about to land, the recording indicates.
The plane hit the instrument landing system posts and veered to the right. It crossed a grassy area, then a taxiway, and ran into the de-icing facility, Homendy said.

> Six survivors were taken to hospitals.
One of them was an Air National Guard member who "popped the hatch" in the rear of the aircraft and helped others exit,
the state's National Guard adjutant general told CNN affiliate WTNH.
"He is very familiar with the back of an aircraft," Maj. Gen. Francis Evon said. "[It was] very lucky that he had gloves on.
"Our understanding is he popped the hatch and was able to extract some individuals."
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From what I'm hearing theyre fixing on looking into the fuel used.
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