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ARX Inceptor +P First Impressions

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Hello all,

About a month ago I picked up a box of ARX Inceptor +P rounds in 9mm Luger and I thought I would make a quick post about my first impressions.

For those who don't know, the Inceptors are a solid copper-polymer compound designed to be an alternative to hollow points for self defense. From the shooting I did with them, I can say that, despite being +P, the 65gr round yield a noticable lighter recoil than both my target ammo (115gr Federal FMJ) and my current SD rounds (Hornady Critical Defense). I haven't done much to test ballistics yet, but when shot at some gallon jugs, they seemed to perform comparably to the Hornady rounds in terms of displacement, but had much cleaner entry and exit holes.

I'll eventually do some more in depth ballistic comparison eventually (likely using cantaloupe, ballistic gel is a PITA). But until then, if any of you have experience with this round then I'd be interested in hearing your input.
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Hmmm interesting i found reloading data on them.
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