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Armadillos. How trap them...

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Normally, I simply dispatch the various sundry varmintry permanently. However, I've had nightly raids by what seems to be a herd of Hoover Hogs. They only come around when I am asleep (which is most of the night).

Anybody know how to get the darn things in a live trap so I can relocate them?

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Armadillos diet consists of grubs, insects and other small invertebrates. Eliminated the food source and they will stop coming around. Pick up a bag or two of Ortho Bug-B-Gone granules and spread it over your lawn. Kill the bugs, nothing for the Hoover Hogs to eat.
That's good advice, and normally I would be right in step. In fact in the past I was of the opinion that the Dillos were actually doing a service, aeration and grub removal. I have about two acres in St.Augustine and after watering they will dig a hole in every square foot. I keep waiting for them to eat all the grubs but it's been all summer and no slowing of the excavations. There's quite a population of earth worms and I don't want to kill them. It's probably what the Dillos are eating.

Use care when handling dillos
You can contract leprocy aka Hanson disease from touching them.
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