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Are Ruger Wranglers Available?

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Are Ruger Wranglers being sold? I haven’t heard anything since they were announced. I’ve been looking and there’s places where they will take the order but no mention on production. Are they having problems? Has anything be announced?
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I think they plan to have them on the shelves come October.
I use to seen them for sale online a lot for round $179.00, now not too much if st all. I do see them their for 200 plus every now n then. Not really been to the stores looking for them, just buying parts and ammunition. If I ever see one again I feel I might buy it.
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i will fondle one if i run across one......but as stated i have not been looking hard......

hope it takes off...........sort of would like to see one with dual cylinders and more barrel length options..
Is there not a translator to help Hannalie participate? The +1 thing is getting old.
I saw three today at Sportsman's Warehouse in Fresno, and handled one. Priced at $199 which is expected at a "Big Box store".
The gun appears the same size as a single-six, but with aluminum frame instead of steel and considerably lighter which is a good thing in a .22LR. The finish is typical Cerakote and looks even, but the one I handled was already showing wear-through at the muzzle.
The Wrangler has Ruger's new free-wheeling cylinder that goes forward and backward when the loading gate is opened so that's better than having it index just past the loading port, but not as good as an 1873 that indexes perfectly aligned with the loading port. (There is something to be said for half-cock being used to index the cylinder after all.)
As it happened they had a Heritage Arms in the case for $150 but the difference in fit and finish and overall quality of construction made paying the additional $50 for the Ruger worth it - though the HA did come with a .22M cylinder so there's that.
Overall, I'd say a Wrangler just might be in my future and I suspect anyone who handles one next to some other brand will more often than not walk out with the Ruger.
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was at academy sports a few days back.......they had all three color variations on display.......$199.00/each

a brief fondle of one......i certainly liked it, but they had the infamous trigger lock on it so i could not index it.
Took a few years to become mass compliant..And 3 month to buy all 3.dec 2019 to Apr 2020.great,fun plinkers.
To be honest I think I’ve gone cold on those Wranglers. I’m not to interested in the Ceracoat frame colors. I know if I were to buy an inexpensive single action .22 I’d give them a look but I don’t know. Probably over a Heritage though.
I feel like I see them all over the place in local shops. Don't know if they have a lot on hand, or if people just aren't buying them.
I have three HA's and the blueing (anodizing) and color case hardening are nicely done on them for the price point. But they do have problems. I have a 9 hole and it's flawless in every respect, the two six holers don't index to the extractor very good. Again, they were $100 guns when I bought them. Can't complain.

I've only handled a Ruger once, all the colors were displayed. I didn't like the paint jobs even a little bit for the price point. I'm certain the build quailty is better than HA, but the paint is a deal breaker. Why paint? That's beneath Ruger.
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