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I wanted to take a few minutes to review the new Arc Angel 1911 holster I just received from Veracarry. I have been holding off on buying a 1911 holster for a number of reasons. First being functional and second being styling. I’m going to give my honest opinion and why this holster.

I have tried a fair number of holsters in store and have yet to find one that suited priority 1, function, without A, damaging my guns and B, being overly bulky. I don’t live in an open carry state so a holster like this is for me, to wear around my ranch, at the range or under a jacket. With those things in mind, a plastic or Kydex type holster is just out.

A friend knew exactly what I was looking for and sent me a link to this Arc Angel bundle from Versacarry. The bundle included a holster, belt and extra mag pouch. Fortunately, Versacarry was kind enough to allow a mix and match of colors between the pieces.I chose the “brown” holster (the “black” holster, the colors are reversed) and black belt and mag pouch.


The style was spot on. I love the rustic look and feel. This left function. Now, with a leather holster, you have to be careful choosing one due to the nature of leather. As they wear out, the leather tends to get loose and in some instances, can set off the trigger when holstering your weapon. That’s a very real thing that needs to be considered when looking at a leather holster. In general, the leather needs to be very thick and hard around the entry point of the trigger guard or, as with some manufacturers like Safariland, have hard plastic sewn between two layers of softer leather that help prevent this from happening.

In this case, Versacarry has fairly thick two ply leather around the entry point. That extra layer of leather on the front ain’t just for decoration. This is very important to stiffen the leather to help prevent accidental discharge when holstering.


It too will eventually wear out but it will take much longer for that to happen than with a thinner or softer leather.

Stitching is well done with nice heavy thread. The leather is also vented to allow the leather to breathe inside and out. Also important if you don’t want your gun to rust from sitting in a holster often. They implemented the venting with some style, which I can appreciate.


Tight is good when using a leather holster but in my experience, it’s hard to find a holster that’s properly sized. Under sizing seems to be the answer to keeping the snug fit instead of quality leather. In this case, the quality leather is there, so is the fit. I did have to force it into the holster the first time. I let it sit on the counter and took the family to dinner. When I came back a few hours later, the leather had properly formed again to it’s original shape. Now it draws like it’s supposed to. It’s still nice and snug where it needs to be and properly sized.

Onto the belt and mag pouch. The belt on the inside of the picture below is the thickest belt I could find at my local farm store. It’s plenty for polymer gun carry but undersized for carrying a full steel sidearm. The belt on the outside is the Versacarry belt. It’s very thick and rigid 2 ply leather stitched together. It holds the sidearm snugly against my body. This will allow me to do my work on the ranch without snagging it and if I wanted, carry under a 3/4 jacket without excessive print.



The mag pouch is also made of the same thick leather and should hold its shape well and keep it close to the body. It’s not going to flop around while working. If I were to somehow get it caught on something, I have serious doubts it would sustain any damage. The mag stays in place as it should.


So that’s it. That’s my take on the Versacarry Arc Angel holster bundle. It cost me $79.49 after tax/shipping. I’d definitely buy it again. In fact, I will be ordering another for my son.
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