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ar15 BUIS..........

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and i have learned that BUIS means back up iron sights........:cornut:

so.....i have this bushmaster full rail minimalist and it is going to have sights.....period.

started off thinking magpul flip up spring loaded but after i got to handle a pair i just did not like them....for one thing the smaller peep aperture peep folds into the larger ghost ring when folded....and you have to pick at it a little bit to expose the ghost. Also just not real excited about the spring loaded deployment.

checked out the highway patrol's carbine. do not know the brand but they have a flip sight (no spring) but it is rock solid when it locks and the aperture position is solid and separate so when i do raise it, the ghost peep is the primary.......i like that.

This leads me to Yankee Hill Machine and what they offer.....i have been careful to make sure whatever i look at is "same plane" and to avoid front sights that go on the barrel or the gas block.

would appreciate any opinions.......i am also considering Troy Brand.....

i may eventually go red dot on this thing but i still want some decent irons to play with.

i may co-witness or i just might go quick detach on the red dot........maybe......eventually........

i do not want to sink a ton of money in it at this stage of my life....but i do want to enjoy it. Most of the sights i have looked at on amazon are the cheap chinese stuff.......and it would seem highly questionable.
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For me, just not practical. If my scope goes, I can't see or aim over 125 yards with BUIS. I just take it back to the house, and grab another gun. BUIS is a lot of unnecessary cost, weight, and bother.
A decade ago (damn, time flies) I put Troys on both of our EBRs. They weren't inexpensive but have never given any problems.
A decade ago (damn, time flies) I put Troys on both of our EBRs. They weren't inexpensive but have never given any problems.
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I have seen two sets of flip up sights just in the past several weeks that won't stay down anymore(both on the rear). One was Magpul which i always thought made good stuff and the other i can't remember which brand. The locks, catch or whatever holds it down broke so if it's not locked up they just flop around. Neither were that old or abused. I've never owned any myself so my experience is other peoples problems. The one i have with irons is the old A2 style built into the carry handle and gas block. Never had any problems with those except assembling them, there is a LOT of tiny parts in those rear sights!
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