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Can anyone Recommend a reasonably, high quality, reliable, clean, accurate ammo for a ruger 10/22? (noob)

I found a Ruger 10/22, I'm getting it ready to shoot.
Whats a good ammo to start with?
Needs to be safe reliable first and foremost.
I want copper wash or coated to avoid lead fouling.
I dont really need hollow points.
Using it at range or desert for target practice with a 3-9 scope at probably less than 100 yards.
Doesnt have to be match grade.

Winchester wildcat or superX? X22LR?
Federal? Champion? American Eagle? gameshok?
Remmington golden bullet RN?
not subsonic

Dang doing more research and there are to many to choose from for even a single manufacturer?
Thanx TX1911
PS I have slide grease for my 1911 but its specifically for stainless.

More noob questions on my 10/22 project
best slide grease?
Break free CLP OK?
Bushnell 22 rimfire tip off, or sportsman weaver scope?
muzzle brake or muzzle brake flash suppressor combo? (OK mostly for style points LOL)
shock buffer or not for smoother action?
recoil pad for the extension/feel or not? (gun feels kinda short maybe)

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While I don't shoot a 10/22, my preference is Federal for my .22.

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Honestly... you're over-thinking this.

A .22LR will eat anything you put in it's mouth, provided it's 22LR. Unless you're shooting "Match", I would simply go with which ever "Major Brand" is on sale at the time of purchase. Winchester, Remington, Federal... what have you.

I have shot so many different brands... loads, etc. You're simply not going to be able to tell the difference if you're just looking at plinking, or typical target shooting.


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Thanks great feedback.
yeh I love CLP for my other guns. My brother-in-law swears by it too (Navy SEAL)
Maybe I'll just get whatever Walmart has behind the counter LOL, probably cheaper.
still leaning toward winchester X22LR, round nose lead w/ copper covering.
or maybe Federal, champion or American Eagle. copper plated hollow point
overthinking it again...
Just been stuck with a few boxes of led semi wad cutters that jam occasionally on my 1911 stainless feed ramp, and some winchester 30 30 silver tips (psudo Hollow points) that never feed right in my Win 1894 lever action. PITA, I sure can pick em.
I think theres a corelation between how cool I think a gun looks and how likely it will jam LOL
..hmm I think I'll sign up for a safety course as well, cant have too much training or practice.

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I would tend to agree with the other posts, go with what's cheap, but I would try and stick to jacketed rounds for most any semi-autos. I've had problems with Remington Thunderbolt before with lots of nasty stuff building up, but anything else is fine, 550 rounds of Federal at Wally's for like 12 bucks should keep you busy and happy.

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Watch for sales at the big boys too. I picked up Federal .22 ammunition last fall from Gander mountain on a 2 for 1 sale. You were limited to 4 boxes IIRC but it made the price very cheap and by buying 100 round boxes I got 800 rounds for the price of 400.

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Big Daddy hit the proverbial nail on the haid. Chill out and see what she does with the cheeepo stuff. If you can outshoot your ammo, THEN buy better ammo. I can guaranty you that your 10/22 will eat anything you throw at it.

Have fun!

...oh, and Welcome to the Forum, too!

a/k/a "The Gunrunner"

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Progress on project plinker!!!

Kool, just got back from Duncan's Gunworks. Got a new barrel strap to replace the one that is cracked. Picked up 2 boxes of Winchester X22LR, $3.95 for 50 rounds. Not cheap but I'll use those for the first test session. They had American Eagle (Federal) rounds too, much cheaper, maybe next time. Still hella cheaper than .223 LOL I'll check out Wallyworld too next time I'm there, and see what they have, now that I have half a clue what I need.
Got the Weaver TO-9 scope mount. Probably use a little blue locktite on screws. Will likely get Bushnell 22 rimfire 3x-9x tip off scope $49.99 at Big 5 (Just got it!)
should be reeady to shoot by this weeknend :4: :smile5:
Thanks for the tip and the welcome gunrnr! On a good day I can maybe outshoot the crappy police reloads I bought once.


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OK got to the range
Lots o fun but..
50 rounds and 6 misfeeds ...grrrrrr....
guy sugested I try CCI Mini-Mag HV
he has a 10/22 and they have a rental 10/22 also and he swears its the ammo thats pobably causing the misfeeds.
any suggestions?
I'll try a box of the cci minimag next time.
I'll tear it down again and check it out too.
old gun, mint shape,
2 brand new magazines could contribute too.
Iused a light application of gold lube on the slide/bolt. should be good

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Was this a brand-new rifle? Did you clean it thoroughly before shooting it?

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Good point.
It was in an attic for probably several years.(so cal, so no rust just dry as hell)
it was bone dry. Its was made in 1985 or so by the serial number lookup.
I field stripped and cleaned/oiled/lubed it twice. Maybe got too much grease on feed end of the bolt.
checked everything out per the manual seemed functional, a little stiff before cleaning etc..
It looks to be in mint condition, it was just very very dry.
maybe never shot.
Barrel strap was cracked, but just looked like it was over tightened and stressed?
Not knowing the history of this gun I'm suspicious, but its a 10/22
so if somethings wrong I should be able to replace everything but the reciever as needed/if needed at a reasonalble cost.
Even upgrade as I go of course lol
Maybe just need to cycle some more rounds through it. break it in.
Maybe replace return spring.
Just not sure what the problem is exactly at the moment, need more research
I really appreciatete the help.
Oh yeh, great, fun little rifle, tight groups, easy to operate, gotta get the wife to try it, once its sorted out..
hmmm CCI minimag is less energy and muzzle velocity than the Winchester super X, interesting.
CCI= 1235 ft/sec 135 ft-lbs vs Win = 1255 ft/sec 140 ft-lbs
Ruger manual says try different ammo and a few other things.

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Hey, I guess you've already shot it so it doesn't matter now, but one thing you can do, to be really safety conscious, is to run a patch through the barrel of any gun you haven't shot for more than a few months.

You never know what kind of flora/fauna might have staked out a homestead in that barrel or chamber. We get those tiny little spiders that make those nasty cobwebs all over the place. They don't mind doing the same inside chambers and bores.

If a gun sets a really long time, too, you may find that the oil that was left in the bore by whomever stored it, might have gotten sticky by the time you rescued the firearm. Clean that sucker just to be on the safe side.

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recalled ammo!!!

hmmm just saw this:
I was using a box from Lot number 3XN311
Hope this is the problem.
Sounds like it from what I read on rimfire central...

Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling several lots of rimfire ammunition.


Lot Numbers containing Letters: XN, YA, YB or YC

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Yeah, guns don't work well without lubrication- ESPECIALLY semi-autos. You have pieces of metal moving against each other at high speeds- not really unlike an internal combustion engine.

Also, I'd like to reiterate once again, that you DO NOT NEED expensive ammo for a .22. I would recommend Federal bargain box (or whatever it's called). 550 rounds for less than $12 at Wal-mart. And it's copper jacketed, so no worries about lead deposits. I've put at least 3 boxes (over 1600 rounds) through my Walther P22, and I haven't had a single failure.

The only time I'd recommend anything more expensive (and it's really not THAT much more), is if you are going to use the gun for self defense (really, I'd recommend a larger caliber for self defense, but that's another discussion). In that case, I'd recommend CCI mini-mags, but again, that's only for self defense. For all other purposes, the Federal is completely adequate.

Keep your gun clean and lubed, and you should have no problems at all.
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