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Just called them (talked to owner) and discussed how it all works

18% commission

No other fees ... They handle all pictures, descriptions, shipping and transfers (they are an FFL)

They are connected with larger online sites and use proxibid

I'll be taking the guns there on Wed. at noon. They just started cataloging for their upcoming Nov 7 online firearm auction

Going to give it a try and see if I will be unhappy or happy with outcome

$1800 to sell $10,000 worth of guns or so ... Hard pill to swallow but I don't need those guns collecting dust here at home

Most were fun while I had them and it's time for someone else to enjoy them
How did you arrive at the total value of $10,000.00 bucks? Auctions can be, and especially at this time, quite surprising as to what some will pay and prices can go for much more than their purchased prices paid previously, cost then.
The list of firearms you presented are all somewhat desired guns and should do very well when held at auction.
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