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Here's the details for anyone interested

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140 Firearms, Dewat Machine Guns & Related Auction
Online Only Live

Sunday, 11/7, at 12 noon
Previews: Wed. 11/3, 1:00-4:00, Thurs. 11/4, 2:00-6:00 PM & Fri.11/5, 1:00-4:00 PM
Online prebidding is available now and online live bidding when auction begins

Good selection of estate firearms including collectible and usable. Des Moines estate of Dewat Machine guns you have not seen in a long time from a life long collector, fresh to the market!

Cady Auction Gallery, 833 Shaver RD NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Prebid & bid live on Proxibid (use this link)

LONG GUNS: Rifles include Mossberg 144 22 LR Target, Sako Forester 308 & AV 375, Ruger 77 243 win, Winchester 70 300 win, M&M M-10 7.62 X 39, Plus more. Shotguns include Beretta A400 Xplor 12 ga & White Wing 12 ga, Winchester 21 12 ga & 1400 Skeet 12 ga, Browning Citori 12 ga, Plus more. Dewat Machine Guns include Browning 1919 A4, WWII British Bren Machine Gun Parts, Dummy British Lewis MKI 303, British PIAT Anti Tank Weapon, Non-Gun Schwarzlose Model 1907 / 12 Plus more. HAND GUNS: Revolvers include S&W Airweight 642-1 38 spec +p & 686-3 357, Colt Cobra 38 & SAA 1st Gen 38, Plus more. Pistols include Sig Sauer P320 XF 9mm, P365 9mm, P229 Legion SAO 9 mm & P226 Legion SAO 9mm. Beretta 92 X Compact 9mm, 92 X 9mm, 92 X Compact 9mm & 100 32 cal. Colt Commander Lightweight 45 acp & Mk IV Series 70 9mm , S&W 39-1 9mm & 4043 40, Glock 48 9mm & 43 9mm, CZ 75 SP-01 9MM Luger. Czech Model VZ27 32, VZ24 380, VZ38 380 & Praga 32. Argentine Colt 1927 11.25mm / 45 ACP, Walther Model P1 9mm, Kimber Stainless Target 10 mm, Whitney Wolverine 22LR, Tanarmi BTA90 9mm, Wilson Combat EDC X9 9mm, Dan Wesson DW ECP 45 acp, Plus more. OTHER: Lots of AMMO including collectible, magazines, reloading, holsters, ammo cans. Plus More.

Full printable catalog with 1000's of photos on our website

Terms and Conditions of Sale on listings.

Mike and Deb Cady , Auctioneers
319-364-4143, [email protected]

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How much use has that Henry Big Boy .44 gotten? I've been looking for one in Iowa for a few years but nobody ever has the .44.
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