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anyone consider the reason left is going after mass shootings and not black on black

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is tackling black on black shooting would be seen as racist and thus they go after the far more rare mass shooting because they are primarily carried out by white people?? Even though Black on black has a far higher death toll.

I had the above thought while reading this great article posted by another user here

The same as how the Left look the other way when black lives matter were screaming kill the cops by making references to pigs in their protests? instead of decrying to the black community that they are in violation of free speech by encouraging people to kill cops?

Are we possibly dealing with reverse discrimination here, by the left?
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As we have seen, the battles of gun control have been fought, won and lost with definitions. Categories are created, connotations ascribed with the stroke of a pen. The Brady Campaign, the strongest advocate for these bans, has taken this particular work one step farther since Aurora. They have now redefined “mass shootings” to include all drive-bys involving a shot fired toward three or more people, regardless of whether anyone was even actually hurt, leading them to assert that there are “20 mass shootings every year”. People who follow the news with some regularity may sense that there is something wrong with this statement, but this sort of redefinition does influence many people who don’t have the time or will to investigate such a claim.
It is intentional deceptions like this that have peaceful, gun-loving folks like myself looking over our political shoulders all the time. Add to this the fact that the Brady Campaign strategically changed its name from the more honest designation of “Handgun Control, Inc”, and perhaps it’s easier for the Left to understand why those of us who believe in the importance of ALL of the items in the Bill of Rights (including firearm ownership) are worried about the progressive nature of these bills.

This is also why I am in what you called hyperventilating state . Because I been personally harmed by acts of "redefinition" in my life and have had personal experience with the fallout like "this position is filled" real definition as follows " I am discriminating against you because your person with disabilities" every freaking employer gave me the exact same line in over 32 interviews for jobs I was overqualified for.

where "common sense gun laws" = "we are going to take your guns without due process" "red flag laws"
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