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Anybody have a p99?

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Just wondering if anybody else on this forum owned a p99. I bought a QA about a month ago in 9mm. It's the best handgun I've ever used...hands down. The choice was between the p99 and a p2000v3. The p99 was a helluva lot cheaper so I decided to go with that and try it out.
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Shipwreck is around here somewhere and he has a real nice collection of P-99s. He knows a lot about them also. Look him up if you need help. Real nice guy. Good luck. :)

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I've noticed that every forum I've become a member of in the last month Shipwreck is already there pushing p99's. Don't need any help yet. Was just looking to see what other p99 affectionados may be on this forum.
I have a P990, which is the DAO version. Mine is in .40 S&W caliber. It has NO decocker NOR is there even a cut-out in the slide where one would go. It is a well thought out pistol and I find its trigger pull on a par with the newest actions that Walther is now touting.
Yes, I am everywhere. I've gotten 15-16 people to buy P99s A/S models since last Nov. Only 2 of those people were in person - the rest took a gamble and were super happy they did. Great gun.

I am not a fan of the DAO or QA trigger myself. I only like the A/S. I have yet toi find another gun that I can shoot aas well with.
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